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Blended Professional Learning

ROS delivers innovative blended learning solutions and is a specialist provider of digitally mediated coached training via a state-of-the-art active learning online portal.

ROS training will evidence best-in-class learning design and is accredited by the Institute of Training Occupational Learning. Client organisations and learners are guaranteed robust assurance of the learning outcomes.

Typical ROS professional learning programmes are predicated upon two distinct phases, each coached by ROS risk subject matter experts:

PHASE 1: Active micro-learning supported by asynchronous remote coaching
PHASE 2: Classroom scenario-based learning facilitated by the same Phase 1 coaches

Additionally, ROS develops digital learning tools to provide defined learning outcomes. For example:

SHARP 4 NHS - a tool offering self-review and learning to homeworkers

SAFER TOGETHER - a micro-learning tool for sharing and enabling a culture of Security & Safety


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