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Professional Learning & Support

Why is Professional Learning part of the ROS  process?
Risk management may seem simple enough in theory, but not all employees have the necessary skills and competencies to apply it in practice successfully. Sustainable risk assurance requires a knowledgeable and engaged workforce and the nurture of risk culture through learning. Risk assurance in the real world rapidly depreciates across time and in response to unanticipated events. Therefore an ongoing need persists to seek data on threats and risks, interpret evidence and provide professional learning and other risk strategies.

Intelligence Cycle.gif

How is Professional Learning delivered?
Recommendations for learning will be bespoke to each client, cost-efficient in completion, and generate impactful outcomes. Red Octopus Solutions includes a professional learning team expert in asynchronous active learning and coaching. Please see additional information presented on the Professional Learning page of this website and accessible from the main site menu.

What are the Supporting & Sustaining activities included in the diagram above?
Interventions to enable change management will be integral to support recommendations. For example, engagement and upskilling of the senior leadership team is a commonly needed action that helps the proliferation of risk culture, as is alignment and rationalisation of organisational doctrine,  policy and protocols.

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