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Independent Security & Safety Review

What is an Independent Security & Safety Review?
As the name suggests, it is a review of an organisation carried out by an independent third-party external to the company. ROS use a proven investigatory format and ensure a highly collaborative approach responsive to client need. A review typically includes:

  • a ‘snapshot’ of a company’s risk landscape and critical vulnerabilities at the time of the review 

  • a prioritised recommendation of opportunities to enhance organisational security & safety underpinned and mapped to the evidence of review

  • an implementation roadmap and plan 


Why commission a review?
Senior Leaders should regard the review as part of their statutory duties to the organisation, an enabler of the duty of care, and integral to overall good governance and corporate responsibility. It will indicate resilience at a given time and provide insight into stability.


Who leads a review?

A senior consultant unconnected to the client organisation will lead the review from early scoping to the final debrief. The consultant will remain the point of contact between ROS and the client and is responsible for ensuring a collaborative and efficient review.

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