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Time to get on the front foot on Homeworking

Updated: May 19, 2022

An English cricketing adage is a brave place to start an article, but I have done it there!

Two extraordinary years have seen business leaders reacting to a remorseless barrage of pandemic challenges. Those wily or possibly lucky enough, to remain standing can now take stock of their crisis enforced decisions and need to answer fundamental questions, for example, regarding the future of remote working:

  • Will the competitive advantages from Homeworking team be sustained post-pandemic? Or will the office re-emerge as the long-term hub of productivity?

  • What hybrid arrangement will best minimise disruption from remote working whilst reaping homeworking efficiency gains?

Leaders must act now to regain control. A priority is evaluating those pandemic innovations, which contribute to a sustainable and improved ‘new normal’. Review of Homeworking, in particular, will need to confirm a robust implementation aligned to the needs of the business, industry regulators and unions.

Our network consensus characterised Homeworking as broadly beneficial but with significant concerns expressed:

How will businesses gain an understanding of the Homeworking risk landscape?

  • How can risk assessment be aligned to an employee’s right to privacy when at home?

  • How may businesses ensure and assure their Duty of Care for the Homeworker?

  • How may businesses protect themselves from the legal and regulatory risks of Homeworking?

In response to client needs, Red Octopus Solutions has recently launched a tool (SHARP) that provides a self-assessment of Homeworking to remote employees and gives the organisation a clear understanding of their risk landscape through a Data Dashboard. (see Download at toward the top of this article)

Or better still, message ROS to discuss how SHARP may support organisations using hybrid or full Homeworking.

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